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What are the Requirements to Consolidate Storage?

In the perfect world, a data center would have a single storage system. One that would provide high performance and high capacity in a single platform that doesn’t take up much data center floor space. Ideally, this system would be

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Managing Storage Sprawl, Instead of Consolidating it

At Storage Switzerland we write a lot about storage consolidation. While consolidation can simplify management the initial requirement of refreshing and potentially replacing legacy storage is a show stopper for many data centers. SDS provides a viable alternative if it can be used on existing storage assets so that the management and operation of those devices can be consolidated. In this article we discuss how SDS can provide simplification while being more cost-effective.

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Why is Virtualization creating Storage Sprawl?

Desktop and server virtualization have brought many benefits to the data center. These two initiatives have allowed IT to respond quickly to the needs of the organization while driving down IT costs, physical footprint requirements and energy demands. But there

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Slideshare – Stopping Storage Hardware Sprawl

Learn what storage hardware sprawl is, why it ruins IT efficiency and how to stop it in its tracks! Storage in the data center has evolved from islands of server attached storage to shared networked storage. But in both cases

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