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A Solution to the Problem of ‘Forever Data’

Data sets are growing, but so are the periods of time that they’re being saved. Once primarily driven by regulatory compliance, companies are now finding that there are other factors pushing data retention to seemingly unlimited duration. The repurposing of

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Can Tape Save Cloud Storage?

“Cloud Storage” – the term invokes a vision of an infinitely scalable disk storage system assembled from commodity hardware that can provide near-instant access to the data it stores. There are two problems with this concept of cloud storage ‘nirvana’.

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Comparing LTO-6 to Scale-Out Storage for Long-Term Retention

Thanks to the requirements of Big Data, compliance and regulatory controls organizations are now faced with the daunting challenge of storing a much larger amount of the data they create for a significantly longer period of time. Also, the need

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Breaking The Top Four Myths Of Tape vs. Disk Backup

Over the past few years disk as a backup target has become a key enhancement to most backup infrastructures. Disk is believed to be faster, almost as cost-effective and more resilient. In reality tape has its own unique value in

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