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A Solution to the Problem of ‘Forever Data’

Data sets are growing, but so are the periods of time that they’re being saved. Once primarily driven by regulatory compliance, companies are now finding that there are other factors pushing data retention to seemingly unlimited duration. The repurposing of

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Correcting EMC – Tape is More Innovative Than Disk

It happened again, another industry veteran has dismissed tape as an obsolete technology. This time it was an EMC executive responding to the tired question “is tape dead yet?”, posed in a recent TechTarget interview. His response was “There is

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Is It Time To Bring Tape Into Production?

Tape as a storage medium has fought off all attacks from disk-based backup and archive vendors and is enjoying a resurgence in the data center. In fact, Storage Switzerland recently polled about 70 large enterprise IT professionals and not one

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Can Deep Storage Help Cloud Providers Keep their Promise?

Cloud file storage and cloud-based services have historically relied on an interesting strategy, sometimes called a “Free-mium” business model. They offer a free service, typically a stripped down version of their regular product, and encourage users to upgrade to the

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Deep Storage Connects Long Term Data Storage to the Workflow

Deep Storage is a tape tier that’s been made accessible to applications and workflows without file system limitations or the complexity of archiving solutions. Using a REST-based interface called “Deep Simple Storage Services” (DS3) Deep Storage can be directly connected

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Can Tape Save Cloud Storage?

“Cloud Storage” – the term invokes a vision of an infinitely scalable disk storage system assembled from commodity hardware that can provide near-instant access to the data it stores. There are two problems with this concept of cloud storage ‘nirvana’.

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