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Is a Cloud Gateway Enough?

The ability for a storage system to store data in the cloud via an NFS or SMB connection – often referred to as a cloud gateway – is becoming table stakes. At this point in IT infrastructure development, we still

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Getting Object Storage Ready for the Enterprise – Scality Briefing Note

There’s no question that the enterprise is starting to use object storage, even if you only consider the use of the various public cloud storage vendors, as they all use object storage interfaces. Of course, many people storing their corporate

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Can a Deep Archive in the Cloud be Useful?

A lot of people worry that a deep archive in the cloud will be about as useful as the boxes in the deepest part of your attic. The data will be stored in an economical way and the cloud vendor

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Briefing Note: Hitachi upgrades HCP Anywhere, adds new Object Storage Node

The new paradigm for employee computing is mobility; the right data at the right time in the right place. Users have made this clear with a willingness to set up their own cloud-based file sharing services, even at work. Companies

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Briefing Note: CTERA’s Cloud Data Services Platform Transforms SMB and ROBO IT Service Delivery

New cloud technologies and their associated economics have created both opportunities and challenges as organizations wrestle with how to govern, optimize and automate the delivery of IT services. IT managers are seeking new ways to deliver these services from within

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