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MeetTheCEO: Infinio’s Arun Agarwal

Infinio CEO Arun Agarwal sits down with Storage Switzerland’s George Crump and Charlie Hodges to talk about Infinio and how he’s trained his entire work life to run a start-up technology company.┬áInfinio brings to market a fundamentally new architecture to

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Webinar – The Challenges With Server-Side SSD Caching in VMware Environments

VMware creates a storage performance challenge for almost any data center that has implemented virtualization. No matter the size of the environment, the fundamental issue is dealing with highly randomized storage I/O. The theoretical quick fix has been to embrace

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VMware Server Side Caching – Flash SSD or DRAM

Server virtualization has a well-documented problem; it creates an I/O blender that can bring storage networks and storage systems to their knees. The I/O blender vs. the desire to design increasingly dense virtual machine (VM) architectures has created a new

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