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Can Deep Storage Help Cloud Providers Keep their Promise?

Cloud file storage and cloud-based services have historically relied on an interesting strategy, sometimes called a “Free-mium” business model. They offer a free service, typically a stripped down version of their regular product, and encourage users to upgrade to the

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Driving Down The Cost of Forever – How To Keep Data For A Long Time

Retaining data is about more than compliance, now organizations want to keep data sets because they can leverage them to make better decisions or re-sell that data. In short there is money in the data; but you have to have

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Deep Storage Connects Long Term Data Storage to the Workflow

Deep Storage is a tape tier that’s been made accessible to applications and workflows without file system limitations or the complexity of archiving solutions. Using a REST-based interface called “Deep Simple Storage Services” (DS3) Deep Storage can be directly connected

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Can Tape Save Cloud Storage?

“Cloud Storage” – the term invokes a vision of an infinitely scalable disk storage system assembled from commodity hardware that can provide near-instant access to the data it stores. There are two problems with this concept of cloud storage ‘nirvana’.

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Comparing LTO-6 to Scale-Out Storage for Long-Term Retention

Thanks to the requirements of Big Data, compliance and regulatory controls organizations are now faced with the daunting challenge of storing a much larger amount of the data they create for a significantly longer period of time. Also, the need

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