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Bacula Enterprise is changing the definition of Open-source Backup Software

For many in IT, the term “open source software” conjures images of inexpensive but powerful programs that require a lot attention to keep running. They’re often a better fit for organizations with more time than money; unfortunately, most organizations don’t

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Overcoming challenges when integrating Disk Backup Appliances with Veeam

How Server Virtualization is Breaking Disk Backup

There is a new breed of backup applications that is gaining acceptance in data centers of all sizes, including the enterprise: VM Specific Backup Applications. These solutions were designed from the ground up, with virtualization in mind and they do

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ChalkTalk Video – The Veeam Backup Challenge

Veeam and other virtualization specific backup products have solved many of the data protection problems that slowed down initial server virtualization deployments. These solutions, and now even some traditional enterprise backup applications, offer the ability to cut the amount of

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