ChalkTalk Video – The Veeam Backup Challenge

Veeam and other virtualization specific backup products have solved many of the data protection problems that slowed down initial server virtualization deployments. These solutions, and now even some traditional enterprise backup applications, offer the ability to cut the amount of data being backed up and reduce the amount of time it takes to recover a failed virtual machine (VM). The problem is that applications like Veeam demand more from the disk backup system and traditional solutions may fall short.

In the above video, George Crump, Storage Switzerland’s Lead Analyst, ChalkTalk’s through the first of these challenges; How to Overcome The Veeam Backup Challenge. This challenge is caused by Veeam’s and other virtualization backup programs ability to backup data at a changed block level, known as Change Block Tracking (CBT). While implementation of this feature leads to dramatically reduced backup times, it is also forever changing the backup data stream.

Sequential vs. Random Backups

With CBT in place backup is done more often, typically several times a day instead of nightly. The size of the backup is also much smaller. With dozens of VMs per host being backed up the backup data stream suddenly becomes a continuous series of random I/O data transfers instead of one big sequential transfer that backups are better known for. The overall CBT backup data stream begins to look more like database I/O than it does backup I/O.

The Disk Backup Appliance Problem

Disk backup appliances use slow, high capacity hard drives and are laden with features like deduplication and compression. While these features help drive down the cost of disk backup they can interfere with the ingesting of a near continuous random I/O data stream that CBT can create. CBT may also make features like deduplication and compression less valuable.

Changing Disk Backup

As we discussed in our on-demand webinar, “The Four NEW Requirements of Backup Disk For Veeam Success“, disk backup appliances need to change to keep pace with these software innovations. That includes using higher speed hard disks or even solid state disks (SSD) to help ingest the random I/O of CBT. Also in this webinar, we discussed how virtualization specific solutions are changing the nature of recovery and how disk backup appliances falling short against that feature too.

By attending the on-demand webinar you will be able to download a copy of our white paper "Overcoming The Recovery-In-Place Challenge". This is an exclusive offer to on-demand viewers.

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