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File Storage vs Object Storage?

The fact that data is growing exponentially comes as no surprise to today’s IT professional. The question is, what is the best way to support that growth while enabling the business to leverage these data assets as an information advantage?

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Creating Enterprise Class File Sync and Share – Podcast

The use of file sync and share services like Dropbox is becoming more popular. This is creating an IT “blind spot” since administrators have no insight into the corporate data stored there. Organizations need secure file sync and share services

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Lowering the Cost of Deleting Data

While the cost of raw data storage keeps dropping, the cost of deleting obsolete or inappropriate data can be prohibitive. No one wants to delete the file that might be needed someday. This results in the accumulation of data that has both cost and compliance ramifications. The key is to lower that risk by identifying good candidates for deletion. In this article Storage Switzerland Senior Analyst Eric Slack details the cost associated with file deletion and how to lower them through comprehensive file analysis.

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