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Enterprise-grade Backup for SMBs – WD Arkeia DA2300 Backup Appliance Part 2

This is part two of Storage Switzerland’s test drive of WD’s DA2300 Backup Appliance that features the WD Arkeia backup software. In part one we went through the set up and configuration steps, getting backup clients connected to the system

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Enterprise-grade Backup for SMBs – WD Arkeia DA2300 Backup Appliance

The DA2300 is a purpose-built backup appliance from Western Digital that runs the Arkeia backup software package on a capable quad-core, four-drive desktop chassis that WD originally developed for their small business server. While it offers enterprise-level features that meet

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Eagle Eye Networks brings the Cloud to Video Surveillance

Most companies conduct some kind of video surveillance, typically involving a PC-based infrastructure they manage on-site. For many small to mid-sized businesses, operating and maintaining this infrastructure (adding capacity, conducting upgrades, etc.) can be a real effort since much of

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A One-box Upgrade for Small Business IT part 3 – Exploring Windows Storage Spaces

The WD Sentinel DS5100/6100 is a compact file server system from disk drive manufacturer Western Digital (WD), designed for the Small- to Medium-sized Business (SMB). The DS5100/6100 comes with Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials and has the upgraded hardware

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Are Disk Backup Appliances Ready For a Virtualized World?

Data protection in a virtualized world can be a daunting issue. Advanced backup capabilities like changed block tracking (CBT) and data in place recoveries from backup storage are creating new demands which are heavily taxing already overburdened backup appliances. Left

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What is Hybrid Cloud Storage?

Hybrid cloud storage is a solution that allows for a simple installation and allows companies to get back to focusing on the business while at the same time knowing that their data is safe, secure and available. Click Here To

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