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Keeping Office 365 Data Safe with Veeam and KeepItSafe

Beyond Microsoft’s clear position on data, “it’s your data”, it makes more sense to protect Microsoft Office 365 than potentially any other SaaS platform. Office 365 has on-premises versions, so when IT recovers data on-premises the organization can actually operate

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How to Backup Office 365

The case for protecting Office 365 is undeniable. First, Microsoft’s license agreement makes it very clear that the data stored on its service is the user’s and it is the user’s responsibility to protect it. Second, it makes sense to

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Decisions the Enterprise Must Make When Considering Cloud Backup

In our first column we discussed what cloud providers needed to provide to make the enterprise more comfortable with using the cloud for backup. In this entry we discuss how to choose the right cloud provider and give an example

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Why Cloud Backup Doesn’t Work for Enterprises and How to Fix it

Protecting the enterprise remains a big challenge facing data centers. Backup touches and interacts with almost every component of the data center, and in the enterprise where there are more of those components; the chance for failure is high. At

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