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Can the SME market automate DR? – Zetta Briefing Note

The Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) market is often overlooked by storage hardware and software vendors. Some vendors focus only on the enterprise customers who need many petabytes of data while other vendors focus only on individuals and the SMB

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Is Hybrid Cloud Backup Dead?

Traditional backup processes were developed for local backup systems, not the cloud, and so were not designed to minimize the time required to complete backup jobs over a WAN. Most cloud backup solutions leverage this same technology, storing data locally

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Briefing Note: The Cloud is Now as Fast as the SMB

Cloud-based services, like backup and disaster recovery, offer attractive alternatives for many SMBs. They’re simple to set up and operate, can be scaled easily and paid for on a monthly basis. But companies typically have to give something up, usually

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Why “Mostly” isn’t Enough in Backup – and what to do about it

Part time insurance is a dangerous thing. You need to be covered all the time in all situations. The IT professionals in charge of backup live this. Comprehensive backup is good insurance but a backup solution that leaves even one

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Podcast – Fixing fractured backup and bad DR

Zetta found in a recent survey of IT pros from a cross-section of companies that IT environments in most companies are a conglomeration of operating systems, platforms and backup solutions and that backup is a mess for most companies and DR

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Backup is a Fractured Mess and DR is worse – Can the Cloud Save us?

Cloud backup solution provider recently surveyed over 400 IT professionals from a wide range of industries, asking questions like what types of backups were being done, what operating systems were being protected, how virtualized the environment was, and how

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Zetta No-Appliance Cloud Backup now supports Full Image Backup

Zetta has been offering a different kind of cloud-based backup since their inception five years ago. Their “direct-to-cloud” backup solution doesn’t use any hardware on-site, just their software which runs on application servers and file servers in the data center.

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Webinar – Improving the State of MS-SQL Backup

Organizations of all sizes are delivering mission critical applications to users and customers that are built on Microsoft SQL. But many of these organizations lack the time, skill sets and tools required to develop a capable data protection strategy. Instead

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