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How Are Backup Software Products Responding to Ransomware?

Backup software products are starting to adopt anti-ransomware features – and that’s a good thing. Ransomware has clearly expanded beyond consumers and is regularly attacking businesses and government entities. But not every backup company is convinced this is a problem

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Why Not Have your Backup System Provide CDM? – Unitrends Briefing Note

If the updates coming out of the various backup software companies are any indication, copy data management (CDM) and instant recovery are mainstream features. In addition, some backup software products are finally starting to recognize the importance of creating and

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Modernizing Enterprise Backup Instead of Replacing it

Unitrends Briefing Note To survive in the latest age of computing, backup products must move beyond backup and begin to embrace business continuity. Today’s companies want to resume business immediately after a disaster, and backup products that work “the old

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ChalkTalk Video: Finally Solving Backup’s Four Biggest Problems

Getting data off-site, managing long term data retention, providing business continuity and backup verification have been some of the hardest problems for backup professionals to solve. The cloud provides some relief but it, by itself, is not enough. The right

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MeetTheCEO: The CEO of Data Protection – Unitrends’ CEO Kevin Weiss

The CEO of Unitrends, Kevin Weiss, sits down with Storage Switzerland founder and lead analyst George Crump and the voice of Storage Switzerland, Charlie Hodges. We talk about life before Unitrends, why Mr. Weiss thinks Unitrends is uniquely positioned to

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Briefing Note: Unitrends – The Best of Enterprise and Startup Data Protection?

The backup market is a crowded market with an almost overwhelming number of solutions available. Startup vendors tend to specialize, some in just the virtual environment, while others are leveraging the cloud to offer services like in-cloud recovery. The number

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