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Making Cents of Flash for VDI

There is a tug of war that occurs when designing storage for a virtual desktop infrastructure. Flash solves a lot of problems and provides users with an excellent desktop experience, but it can also upset the delicate price per desktop

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Solving the Big Three VDI Storage problems

Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) have the potential of reducing the cost to deploy and support an organization’s desktops and laptops. But VDI presents three big problems to the storage infrastructure; assuring the proper use of flash, the proper placement of

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Webinar: What’s best for VDI Hybrid or All-Flash Storage

The top concern for IT planners looking to implement or expand the use of their VDI investment is storage performance. This is because every step that is taken to drive down cost per desktop, or improve the user experience, impacts

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Why HGST is now building Storage Systems

Historically, HGST (a subsidiary of WD) and other drive manufacturers have done an impressive job with innovation both from an incremental perspective (when you build millions of units, you get good at fine tuning a technology) and with larger scale

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Will the All-Flash Array Market go away?

Recently HDS’s Hu Yoshida wrote in his blog that he thinks the all-flash array market will go away. I very often find myself agreeing with Hu, he’s a sharp guy and I respect his point of view. As an example,

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Is 2014 Really the Year of the All-Flash Array?

Adding flash to disk array systems was inevitable, as spinning disk-based storage hit the performance wall and virtualization kept pushing the demand for more IOPS. These early systems were expensive, implementation was difficult and feature sets were extremely basic or

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How Do I Integrate All-Flash into My HDD Data Center?

In our webinar, “Overcoming the RoadBlocks to the All-Flash Data Center”, one of the questions that came up is how to integrate an All-Flash Array into the data center. It’s not our position that you should throw out all your

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The Unified Cloud Storage Array

Cloud Storage Gateways can provide a variety of services that allow data centers to connect to the cloud. There are multiple backup gateways, a few file services (NAS) gateways and fewer still primary storage (iSCSI) gateways. Incredibly rare are gateways

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The Downsides to Array Based Data Replication

Array based replication is the ability to have data automatically copied to a remote site creating the foundation of a solid disaster recovery strategy and as a result many storage arrays have a replication option. In fact many vendors provide

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