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A Better Answer than RAID and Replication for Cloud Storage

Cloud applications and web-based services, such photo sharing sites, create some monumental challenges for a storage infrastructure. Not only must they expand almost without limit, they also need to protect and secure data sets, typically for thousands or millions of

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Cleversafe is An Established Supplier in the Re-emerging Object Storage Market

The explosion of unstructured data and the emergence of Big Data Archiving has created use cases where organizations have almost unlimited capacity requirements but still need good retrieval performance. Traditional NAS file storage can’t scale large enough and the deep

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What Is Object Storage?

This past week Storage Switzerland and other industry influencers joined Cleversafe, Data Direct Networks, Intel, Nexsan, Quantum, and Scality at the Next Generation Object Storage Summit in Florida. The first order of business was to try to explain what Object

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Solving Hadoop Storage Challenges by Converging Storage and Compute

Cleversafe’s object-based, scale-out storage architecture leverages a unique information dispersal algorithm to distribute data objects across multiple storage nodes (called Slicestor ** nodes). These nodes can be located in a single data center or spread around the world. Using a

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