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Free Disk? No Thanks

This morning I am flying to New York City to attend Fujifilm’s 6th Annual Global IT Executive Summit. The theme of this year’s event is, “into Tomorrow with Tape Technology, Preserving and Protecting Critical Data”. This is a data protection

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Spectra Logic nTier Verde – simple, affordable Enterprise file storage

Primary storage is being overwhelmed by data growth, much of it unstructured digital content. These are large files that don’t change but must still remain online, often for extended periods of time. Tier-1 storage systems are too expensive, especially over

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Sustainable Data Center Storage Savings

One of the seemingly endless tasks of today’s IT infrastructure planner is finding more ways to squeeze costs out of the data center environment. With data growth soaring across all industries, it is not surprising that storage is often at

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Driving Down The Cost of Forever – How To Keep Data For A Long Time

Retaining data is about more than compliance, now organizations want to keep data sets because they can leverage them to make better decisions or re-sell that data. In short there is money in the data; but you have to have

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