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Storage News and Insights Feb. 21 – Podcast

From Software Defined Storage news to insights on file, sync and share, George Crump and I talk about it in this week’s update on the Storage Podcast. Links to blogs to give you more detail on the topics we talked

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How to Beat Dropbox

Almost every laptop I see has Dropbox installed on it. It’s easy to use, relatively inexpensive, and works 99% of the time. Users love it, but Dropbox does have its problems. First, it removes data out from under the control

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Ignoring Dropbox – At Your Peril

The consumerization of IT is creating a dilemma for IT organizations. End users are demanding the ability to work from any location from any device globally and that is starting to put a lot of pressure on IT to keep

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PODCAST – Is File Sync and Share Broken?

Is File Sync and Share Broken? In our newest podcast, I talk to Storage Switzerland Senior Analyst Colm Keegan to discuss how cloud file synch and share usage has soared. But with the freedom it provides users, are there hidden

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Transform Backup Data into an Information Advantage

Backup infrastructure is somewhat like an expensive insurance policy. Large premiums are expended on backup hardware, software and people resources to collect, store and protect business information in the event a “claim”, or in this instance, a data recovery event

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