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How to Beat Dropbox

Almost every laptop I see has Dropbox installed on it. It’s easy to use, relatively inexpensive, and works 99% of the time. Users love it, but Dropbox does have its problems. First, it removes data out from under the control

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Briefing Note: Zadara Multi-Tenant Storage Multi-Zoned for increased Availability

Any time a storage system claims to be “enterprise-class”, IT planners should look into its ability to survive a disaster. This is even true for storage systems that are cloud based, since a cloud data center is still just that,

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Analyst Opinion: Analyzing the Gartner Magic Quadrant

Gartner recently released its Magic Quadrant for storage. While I don’t always agree with their positioning, it is a reasoned analysis and I’m sure they can defend the various positioning of vendors they are tracking. It also gives other analyst

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OCZ’s Saber 1000 Flash Drives Fill the Gap between Client and Enterprise SSDs

Hyper-scale deployments, common in cloud environments, can have hundreds of rack-mounted servers running content-based applications, such as media streaming, video on demand or web services. These mostly read-intensive workloads require the strong storage performance of server-side flash, but hyper-scale infrastructures

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Micron’s M500DC – an Enterprise-grade SSD at a reasonable cost

Over-buying or over-spec’ing an SSD solution is all too common because managers often aren’t completely sure of the requirements for a particular application but can’t risk having their SSD fail or even underperform. The  available options have been consumer-class drives

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Don’t Let File Sync and Share Sink Your Business

Data “leakage” is becoming an increasing problem for businesses today given the widespread use of consumer grade file sync and share services. To maximize their productivity, many users will sync their file data across their laptop, tablet, smartphone and home

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Webinar – How To Create An Enterprise Class File Sync and Share Solution

Two factors are leading to the increased demand for IT to offer a file sync and share solution to their users. First is the proliferation of devices. It is not uncommon for users to have three or more devices from

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Designing Enterprise-class Multi-Tenant Storage

Cloud Providers and enterprises must be able to guarantee performance to specific applications or groups of applications. They also need ways to distribute some of their storage management workload directly to the users or ‘interests’ they support. In the cloud

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