Briefing Note: Zadara Multi-Tenant Storage Multi-Zoned for increased Availability

Any time a storage system claims to be “enterprise-class”, IT planners should look into its ability to survive a disaster. This is even true for storage systems that are cloud based, since a cloud data center is still just that, a data center. While most cloud providers have multiple sites, not all of the applications and services they run are prepared to take advantage of those multiple sites in the event of a disaster. Zadara Storage enables clouds to leverage all their locations, giving them a true “enterprise-class” storage offering.

As we discussed in the article “Designing Enterprise-class Multi-Tenant Storage” these storage systems first need to provide a true guarantee of service, something they can get with technologies like those provided by Zadara. But now, Zadara has taken the next step to providing true enterprise class storage in the cloud: multi-zone availability.

Zadara recently announced a capability called “Multi-Zone HA”, a new, automatic, real-time failover feature across geographically distributed metropolitan locations. Multi-Zone HA provides the core multi-tenant file and block capabilities, as described in our briefing note on Zadara’s Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA). With Multi-Zone HA data is synchronously replicated across a metropolitan area network and fails over automatically in the event that a facility goes down.

Multi-Zone HA customers can also geographically distribute their data across large distances. For example, a customer using VPSA in conjunction with Amazon Web Services (AWS) can create a disaster tolerant system by distributing application servers across different AWS Availability Zones and the storage across different buildings within the same region.

These customers can also asynchronously replicate data to any of Zadara’s more than 30 public storage clouds around the world, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Dimension Data or any other service provider that offers Zadara Storage. Finally, Zadara Storage also added support for Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), which enables users to create point in time backups of MS-SQL, Exchange and SharePoint without shutting down the application.

StorageSwiss Take

As we discussed in the recent article “How Traditional Data Centers Should Use The Cloud”, leveraging the cloud as part of an application lifecycle makes a lot of sense, but it is the storage infrastructure that’s often the gating factor. Solutions like Zadara Storage make possible the seamless movement of an application to and from the cloud. Now, with their advanced HA features, Zadara provides a key final ingredient, a true enterprise storage infrastructure, that companies need to fully trust the cloud to host their applications.

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