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Is it Time for All-Flash Backups?

Businesses today are all about “agile.” For storage professionals, this means delivering ultra-low latency alongside high throughput and high input/output (I/O) operations per second (IOPS) to accelerate mission-critical application performance as much as possible. All-flash storage arrays have solidified their

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On Demand Webinar: Will Your Backup Architecture Meet Tomorrow’s SLAs? 3 Steps to Make Sure!

Organizations, application owner and users all have much higher expectations of IT than ever before. They expect IT to recover real-time data instantaneously and recall aged data very quickly. These expectations mean that backup architectures are getting stretched at both

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Lightboard Video: Improve Efficiency by Recovering from Storage Snapshots

Businesses are counting on IT for competitive differentiation. The problem is that IT teams are bogged down with day-to-day tasks, especially when it comes to data protection. Watch this Lightboard Video to learn how to integrating data protection into production

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How to Design a Modern Data Protection Architecture

Data Protection is changing. Today backup software can recover in-place, instantiating volumes directly on the backup storage which enables organizations to significantly reduce recovery windows. Consequently, the performance of the backup storage hardware matters more than ever. At the same

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How to Make One Thousand Snapshots Useful

Almost every modern storage system claims to support “thousands” of snapshots of production data without impacting performance. While some of the lack of performance impact claims have proven to be suspect, there is little doubt that today’s storage solutions support

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Worried About Meeting Disaster Recovery SLAs? Consider These Capabilities

Data protection infrastructures face tremendous pressure. Copy data is growing even faster than production data as businesses create copies to support analytics, test and development, and other important initiatives. Copy data also needs to be retained for longer periods of

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How to Modernize the Data Protection Architecture

Modernization of various components and processes within the data center is a popular topic with IT professionals. One area of concentration is the data protection architecture. Advances in both software and hardware promise to dramatically reduce recovery times while at

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Democratizing Disaster Recovery

VeeamON Briefing Note – Veeam Availability Orchestrator 2.0 Disaster Recovery (DR) is about more than just recovering data. When a data center is down and applications need to restart in another location, there is a whole series of events that

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