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Protecting MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop – Datos IO Briefing Note

Data center modernization usually includes the organization moving to modern cloud applications like MongoDB, Cassandra and Hadoop. Like most new initiatives a forgotten element is data protection. These environments are particularly challenging to protect because they are designed to run

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How Do I Protect Applications Running in Multiple Clouds? – Datos IO Briefing Note

It is normal for many environments to run applications in the cloud. For some environments, the new normal is running applications in multiple clouds, as well as running applications in their own data center or private cloud. If the new

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ChalkTalk Video: How to Backup Cassandra and MongoDB

Data center backup simply wasn’t built for cloud applications like Cassandra and MongoDB. That was Shalabh Goyal’s main point when I interviewed him last week as the Director of Products for Datos IO, and I couldn’t help but agree with

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Backing up MongoDB and Apache Cassandra

Datos IO is the first product designed specifically to meet the cloud-scale backup and recovery needs of modern, scalable, non-relational databases such as MongoDB and Apache Cassandra (DataStax), and cloud-native databases such as Amazon DynamoDB, Microsoft DocumentDB and others. These

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Advanced Data Protection for MongoDB, Cassandra and Hadoop

Datos IO Briefing Note Customers with massive petabytes sized cloud databases are exactly who Datos IO is looking for. Companies creating giant product catalogs that thousands of people a day are simultaneously accessing and updating find that they cannot meet

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Backing up Massive Cloud Databases

Where traditional structured databases are seeing a reduction in growth, massively scalable databases that often run in the cloud are taking off. But like so many advances in technology, scale out databases like MongoDB and Cassandra are solving one group

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The Challenge of Protecting Next Generation Databases

Database Technology Evolves Beyond Traditional Data Protection For over three decades, relational databases like Oracle, MS-SQL, DB2, MySQL, Sybase, and Informix have been primary databases for core business applications. They are used to store and analyze what used to be

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