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Hadoop and OpenStack for Enterprise Big Data – Moving from Erector Set to Ready To Go

Big Data Analytics is more than just an interesting IT initiative, these infrastructures are starting to re-shape how businesses develop new products, respond to customer needs and achieve new levels of efficiency. The problem is that most Hadoop environments, the

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Where Object Storage is Used

In previous columns we’ve discussed what exactly object storage is (and is not) and what advantages this technology brings to the storage infrastructure. It’s more scalable than a NAS system, more economical than a traditional RAID-based storage array and able

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Object Storage Can Reduce Hadoop Storage Costs

Hadoop is an open source software framework licensed by the Apache Software Foundation that uses a distributed compute infrastructure to handle large, batch analytics jobs on very large data sets. It does this by breaking these projects down into a

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Object Storage Industry Veteran Cleversafe now Supports Hadoop

OBS has been a hot topic of late, and rightly so, it’s a technology whose time has come. The advantages it brings to companies facing extreme data growth, often referred to as ‘hyper-scale’ environments, are pretty remarkable. Basically, object storage

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Solving Hadoop Storage Challenges by Converging Storage and Compute

Cleversafe’s object-based, scale-out storage architecture leverages a unique information dispersal algorithm to distribute data objects across multiple storage nodes (called Slicestor ** nodes). These nodes can be located in a single data center or spread around the world. Using a

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