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Storage Short: The problem with Mutual Mystification and Backups

While many webinars focus on a specific technology, few focus on the process. If the data protection process is broken, a new backup or replication app will at best just be a band-aid that is destined to break the next

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Storage Q&A: Data Protection intelligence with HP and StorageSwiss

Backup and Recovery are vitally important to what we do in the Data Center. We can’t lose data and if something happens, we MUST get them back and you have to recover them fast. To help you have success in

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Backing up the Agile Data Center

The data center of the future will be agile. Applications, servers, networks and storage will all be dynamically configured through software. Lost somewhere in all the hype around that agile data center is the cold reality that its data protection

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Backup success needs a fresh approach

Data protection is something that seems so simple, all you have to do is copy data from primary storage to secondary storage. The process becomes complex, however, as you add requirements like backing up live data non-disruptively while also enabling

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Webinar – Three steps to Backup & Recovery Success

Let’s face it, data protection is more broken than ever. Data center initiatives like virtualization and big data analytics as well as the general expectation of users that everything be up all the time, have created an almost impossible set

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All-Flash Architectures Matter

Flash can improve the performance of almost anything that it’s placed into, be it a laptop, a desktop, a server or a storage system. But to derive maximum benefit from a flash investment requires first that the combined workloads be

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Enterprise All-Flash – HP StoreServ 7450 All-Flash Array

The all-flash market is full of startups that have captured the attention of IT planners in data centers of all sizes. Now HP is out to get that attention back with their 7450 All-Flash Array. Many of these startup companies

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What to Expect from Next Gen Data Protection Solutions – Podcast

Data is changing. Not only is it growing, but it is becoming more valuable. That means backup and recovery is becoming more important. Scott Baker from HP’s Data Protection Division and Storage Switzerland founder George Crump join me to talk

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Rethinking Data Protection in the Modern Data Center – Podcast

Storage Switzerland Founder and Lead Analyst George Crump is a leading expert on data protection. He joins me on this podcast with Stephen Spellicy,  Senior Director, Product Management from HP to talk about how to service level objective driven backups can

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