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Briefing Note: Kaminario Delivers Encryption, Poised for 2015 Growth

Kaminario K2 Flash Arrays have traditionally appealed to the high performance demands of the data center. Their systems, for example, seem to be consistently near the top of SPC1 and SPC2 benchmarks; and don’t forget that their first storage systems

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Should you be able to turn All-Flash Deduplication off?

Deduplication, along with compression, provides the ability to more efficiently use premium priced flash capacity. But capacity efficiency comes with at least some performance impact. This is especially true on all-flash arrays where data efficiency features can’t hide behind hard

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Are All-Flash Arrays ready for All Primary Data?

Flash has been making its way into data centers primarily as an accelerant to existing workloads. Most of that adoption has been in the form of a hybrid use case, the combination of flash and hard disk drives. As we

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Kaminario Delivers Scale Right – All Flash Array

When a data center considers an all-flash array, it is generally in response to a storage performance demand for a specific application. In other words, it is a point solution to an immediate and pressing problem. For this particular situation,

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Will SSD Improve Your Database Performance?

The fog around solid state storage is lifting. Most storage and database administrators are convinced that solid state technology is the most practical next step in storage performance. The challenge is that solid state performs so well that now there’s

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