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Storage Architecture 3 – Composable Storage

The data center needs a new storage architecture. The first architecture, dedicated scale-up storage, provides high performance and efficiency but is operationally complex at scale. The second architecture, scale-out shared everything architectures provides operational simplicity at scale but is less

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ChalkTalk Video: What is Composable Storage?

As the data centers scale, guaranteeing critical applications, the performance need to meet demands of users becomes very important. The problem is most flash arrays, if they provide a quality of service (QoS) capability at all, can only deliver a

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What’s Next after NVMe?

NVMe is a protocol designed specifically for memory based storage technologies like flash drives. The new industry standard protocol is seeing rapid adoption among vendors meaning the data center may see these solutions become mainstream before the end of the

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Webinar: NVMe, NVMe over Fabrics and Beyond – Everything You Need to Know

NVMe is an industry standard protocol designed specifically for memory-based storage like flash drives. It unleashes flash arrays from the chains of SCSI that hold it back. Register for our live webinar and learn what NVMe and NVMe over Fabrics

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NVMe and NVMe Over Fabrics Critical To Next Generation Storage Architectures

The storage media used to be the slowest component within the storage architecture. Now, thanks to flash, it is the fastest. While the performance and low latency of flash allows data centers to make significant steps forward in application scale

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The State of Storage Architectures

Storage architectures evolved from the legacy scale-up architectures to scale-out architectures. Scale-out architectures evolved into hyperconverged architectures. The data center is also evolving, of course, but at an even faster pace. The problem is all this storage evolution has not

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How to Solve Storage Challenges in Software as a Service (SaaS) Data Centers – Kaminario Briefing Note

The software as a service (SaaS) market is projected to be a $117 billion dollar market by 2019. While most of these solutions incubate in the public cloud, successful SaaS providers reach a point where the disadvantages of renting the

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ChalkTalk Video: Bring Clarity to Storage Analytics

It’s time that the different parts of the computing world knew about each other, says Shai Maskit, Director of Technical Marketing from Kaminario, in speaking with Storage Switzerland’s George Crump. He explained how the computing world is divided into three

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ChalkTalk Video: Making 3D TLC NAND Ready for the Enterprise

3D TLC NAND promises to bring new levels of density to flash storage and with it new record low price points. The effective dollar per GB of a 3D TLC All-Flash Array could make hybrid arrays obsolete. The challenge is

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MeetTheCEO: All-Flash Vendor, Kaminario’s CEO Dani Golan

He’s our first All-Flash CEO on MeetTheCEO and he may just be one of the more interesting CEO’s to join us on the podcast. Not only is Dani Golan running a successful all-flash array vendor, but he was also a

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