Kaminario Delivers Scale Right – All Flash Array

When a data center considers an all-flash array, it is generally in response to a storage performance demand for a specific application. In other words, it is a point solution to an immediate and pressing problem. For this particular situation, a scale-up all-flash array is an ideal solution to the problem. It is the performance equivalence of “shock and awe”, but after the initial emergency is resolved, the data center looks for ways to expand the use of the all-flash array. In doing so it may run into the capacity and performance limitations of the scale-up architecture.

Scale Right

UntitledKaminario has what it believes is the solution to this problem, a scale-right all-flash array. The company recently announced the fifth generation of K2, which allows a data center to start with a scale-up design to solve the current and pressing storage performance problem, but then as that problem passes, it can begin to scale-out as the performance and capacity limitations of the initial purchase are exceeded. It also offers the flexibility to scale-out and then scale-up, if the use case demands. This allows a data center to start as small as 7TB of usable capacity, then grow as needed up to 2PB+.

Cost Effective, Data Efficiency…Guaranteed

The 5th generation of the K2 also includes data efficiency capabilities. The system can now leverage selective global inline deduplication and inline compression. This allows deduplication to be turned on for data sets where it makes sense, like virtual servers and desktops, and to be turned off for data sets where there is not enough unique data to justify the deduplication process.

To accompany this new feature, Kaminario is providing an effective capacity guarantee. If you don’t reach the level of effective capacity that they promise, you will receive additional Kaminario hardware, at no charge, until you do. Kaminario claims that it has an average price of $2 per GB usable.

Completing The Storage Feature Set

When an all-flash device wants to be considered an “array” instead of an “appliance”, it needs to provide the enterprise class feature set that storage administrators have come to expect. Kaminario has already delivered most of these features in previous releases and with the generation 5 release, they are completing more of the package. Available now are specific capabilities for VMware including a vCenter plug-in and vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) support. They also expect to deliver asynchronous replication by the end of the year.

Storage Swiss Take

Kaminario seems to be more than capable of competing with the all-flash array leaders. It has a similar or better feature set and has a very unique scale right architecture that allows IT professionals to buy flash more incrementally and pay for only what they need. The scale right architecture allows them to solve a specific problem first, then after the dust settles see what other workloads will benefit from an all-flash experience.

Kaminario is not a client of Storage Switzerland

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