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An Alternative Approach to HCI

Hyperconverged Infrastructures claim to be a simpler alternative to a traditional architecture with a dedicated compute and a dedicated storage tier. The primary source of the simplification is the elimination of a dedicated storage tier. Instead, HCI integrates storage into

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Breaking Down Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra Silos – DriveScale Briefing Note

The storage architecture of most next generation applications, like Hadoop, Spark and Cassandra, leverage local, direct attached storage to avoid excessive storage traffic on the network and keep costs down. While this architecture does accomplish its goals, it also re-creates

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Optimized Performance for Oracle and MS-SQL – Vexata Briefing Note

In most cases CPU utilization is a direct result of how quickly can the storage architecture respond to the IO request. Generally speaking, the lower the CPU utilization, the more time the CPU is waiting for the storage architecture to

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ChalkTalk Video: Modern Shared Storage vs Hyperconverged Architectures

IT professionals are inundated with new ways to deliver storage services to applications and users. Architectures like converged and hyperconverged seem to defy conventional wisdom, creating a new paradigm and server side storage. But the more things change, the more

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StorageShort: Flash and Big Data?

To keep costs down, hard disk drive was the storage of choice for the data that drives a big data analytics project inside the server that is doing the processing. Internal storage keeps costs down and reduces network latency but

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Raising the Bar on Hyperconvergence, Storage and QoS

Pivot3 Briefing Note IT professionals have a lot of choices to make when they design their next generation infrastructure. They have to choose between a hyperconverged offering that consolidates compute, storage and networking into a single tier or a more

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SlideShare: The Top 4 Requirements of a Docker Storage Architecture

Like virtualization before it, container technology will evolve from a DevOps initiative to an enterprise requirement. Docker is leading that evolution as it promises to bring greater efficiency to the data center than we ever thought possible with the virtual

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Is your Storage ready for Production Docker Containers?

In a recent StorageSwiss survey, 40% of respondents indicated that they were interested in deploying Docker into production, as a compliment or potentially as an alternative to VMware. Docker containers are resource efficient and extremely flexible, which have lead to its

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Docker and Storage – Understanding Docker I/O

Designing a Docker Storage Infrastructure A recent Storage Switzerland report covered the basics of Docker and Storage; what Docker is and how it impacts storage. Container technology and Docker specifically places unique demands on the storage infrastructure that most legacy

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