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Briefing Note: Dakota Cloud Recovery – Cloud Backup is about Data Center Quality

Cloud backup providers can come in a variety of forms. Some are really backup software developers that happen to leverage the cloud as part of their software solution. These providers count on a generic cloud data center, like Amazon AWS

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Using EMC RecoverPoint to improve DR testing

One of the key components of any disaster recovery plan is to verify that plan and make sure it works. The problem is that these tests are expensive, are not real world and are performed infrequently. In this article, we

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DRaaS requires new questions

In his recent column “DR-as-a-Service may be the Cloud’s Killer App” my colleague Eric Slack predicted that disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) will become the predominant cloud offering. I agree, DRaaS is almost too compelling for many organizations to

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Four Requirements for adding DR-as-a-Service to VMware

For years, organizations have struggled with maintaining functional disaster recovery capabilities for their most critical business systems. The capital investment for redundant hardware, software and data center infrastructure, along with the personnel time required to ensure that business applications are

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DR-as-a-Service may be the Cloud’s Killer App

Disaster Recovery could be the best implementation of the ‘as-a-Service’ business model yet because it fits the cloud delivery system so well and features an entirely different value proposition than other cloud services. DR-as-a-Service (DRaaS) offers more than the added

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Chalk Talk Video – DR-as-a-Service: Compliant DR Protection for the Mid-Market

Most of the disasters that befall a company aren’t hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or acts of terrorism. Most IT disasters are simply unplanned downtime of critical servers. While these are a lot less dramatic, and a lot more common, they can

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DR-as-a-Service: Compliant DR Protection for the Mid-Market

There is no shortage of stories in the IT press about the effects of disasters, like 9/11 or Hurricane Sandy, where buildings are destroyed, data centers flooded, etc. While these are sensational events, for sure, they’re not the types of

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