Chalk Talk Video – DR-as-a-Service: Compliant DR Protection for the Mid-Market

Most of the disasters that befall a company aren’t hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or acts of terrorism. Most IT disasters are simply unplanned downtime of critical servers. While these are a lot less dramatic, and a lot more common, they can still be very costly – but don’t have to be.

An effective DR solution can get these critical applications up and running again in a few minutes, without costing half again as much as the company paid for their data center. It must bring these applications back online and make them available to users and other programs that rely on them in an appropriate timeframe.

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"DR-as-a-Service: Compliant DR Protection for the Mid-Market"

Problems With The Cloud

Hybrid-cloud recovery appliances offer this kind of DR solution for mid-market companies that don’t need (and can’t justify) many of the complex and expensive solutions that the largest enterprises deploy. By hosting currently updated VM images of multiple servers, these on-site appliances can provide nearly instant failover for a company’s most critical applications and automatically replicate them to the cloud for off-site protection.

DR-as-a-Service is a new offering whereby cloud providers install a recovery appliance on premises and fold its cost into the monthly cloud service charge. Then the company can failover to their cloud-based recovery appliance and run these applications there until the primary servers are back in operation.

Compliance Will Ease Pain, Save Time

Testing of a traditional DR system can be a painful, time-consuming process, one that’s often postponed or ignored. Simple, effective and fast DR testing is a requirement in order for companies to derive the security and confidence they expect from a DR solution.

A DR solution must also be compliant. This isn’t just a check-box, the local and cloud-based DR solution that’s implemented must meet the applicable regulations that the primary IT infrastructure adheres to as well. True compliance in a DR context means that a certification organization audits the data handling and data protection processes employed and assures that compliance is maintained throughout.

In this new video (see above) from Storage Switzerland and Quorum, see how an effective DR-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution can protect against the most common types of disasters –unplanned downtime.

 Quorum is a client of Storage Switzerland

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