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Briefing Note: Hitachi upgrades HCP Anywhere, adds new Object Storage Node

The new paradigm for employee computing is mobility; the right data at the right time in the right place. Users have made this clear with a willingness to set up their own cloud-based file sharing services, even at work. Companies

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A Big Data Center without White Boxes – Storage in the Large Financial Enterprise

Google, FaceBook and many of the largest web-scale companies have made the use of commodity, ‘white box’ storage systems seem like the standard practice for large enterprises. Not so. Storage Switzerland recently spoke with a global financial institution about how

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Business Outcome Driven Storage

The new mantra for IT is to focus the technology and services their data centers provide on business outcomes. That concept seems more easily applied to front-line and customer-facing applications, like customer relationship management, decision support and Web servers that

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Ten IT Trends for 2015 from HDS and StorageSwiss

In a recent webinar Storage Switzerland  Founder, George Crump, and HDS CTO, Hu Yoshida, discussed 10 IT Trends for 2015. A theme of this list was the importance of “business-defined IT” and the specific technologies that are coming to support

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Is Commodity Storage Hardware really less expensive?

In his recent blog, Hitachi Data Systems’ CTO, Hu Yoshida, discusses the top 10 business trends that will impact IT in 2015. Number four on his list is “Software Defined Everything”. One of the theoretical selling points of software defined

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Why Business-Defined IT may well Define IT in 2015

One of the IT trends that we see coming in 2015 is something called “Business-Defined IT”. This is essentially a focus for IT on collaborating with internal business entities and providing business services rather than just building and running infrastructure.

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Webinar – Top 10 Business Trends driving IT in 2015

New year “top business trends” analyses make for interesting reading, but they’re more than that. They often end up framing the objectives that IT strives to reach in the coming year, so understanding these trends and how IT should respond

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Designing Highly Scalable Storage for Dense Virtual Machine Environments

We will discuss the testing methodology and scalability results for 4 & 8 node clustered Hitachi NAS Platform 4000 systems yielding 15,000 VMs in real-world enterprise environments. The test establishes linear performance scalability as nodes are added to the cluster,

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Storage Short: How Dense can a VM Environment get?

VM density is something companies are striving for as they work to lower the TCO of their virtualized environments. The question is, how dense can you get; how many VMs can your successfully run on each host? In this Storage

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Why a 15,000 VM NAS Test is important to all Users

In a recent test run by HDS and audited by Storage Switzerland, an enterprise NAS system was able to successfully support 15,000 VMs. This is certainly an impressive number, and a performance spec that some larger enterprises may actually need.

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