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Big Data for Small Enterprises

Big Data is not just for big enterprises. Small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) can reap the same rewards. But SMEs can’t build a Big Data infrastructure like larger enterprises. The good news it they don’t have to, they can leverage

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Webinar: 10-Minutes to Cloud: How to Quickly Shift Big Data Processing

Enterprises aren’t the only organizations that can benefit from big data. Medium and large businesses can too. The challenge is, can these businesses build the same big data infrastructure enterprises do? The short answer is, they can’t. But the secret

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SlideShare: Sizing Up Object Storage for the Enterprise

Object Storage promises many things – unlimited scalability, both in terms of capacity and file count, low cost but highly redundant capacity and excellent connectivity to legacy NAS. But, despite these promises object storage has not caught on in the

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How do Object Storage Systems Protect the Data they Store?

The value of object storage is that it can be the storage backend to a variety of unstructured data use cases, ranging from primary file stores, to unstructured data archives to a backup target for the protection of transactional primary

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Is a Cloud Gateway Enough?

The ability for a storage system to store data in the cloud via an NFS or SMB connection – often referred to as a cloud gateway – is becoming table stakes. At this point in IT infrastructure development, we still

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Merging NAS, Object and The Cloud – Avere C2N Product Brief

As more organizations move to the cloud or plan to move to the cloud, in order to address challenges like the ever-rising tide of unstructured data, many are encountering various unexpected complications. Some of these complications are things like increasing

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High Performance Object vs. High Performance NAS

Object Storage can take on a lot of roles in the enterprise. This flexibility is one the key values of object storage, the ability to serve as storage for a variety of use cases. With most of those use cases

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StorageShort: Object Storage for the Enterprise

Object Storage is more than just a storage system for cloud providers. In the modern enterprise it can be an ideal back-end for the various primary tiers enterprises can install today. Beyond the cost savings object storage provides, there is

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Creating Private Cloud Storage that you can Actually use

While public cloud storage systems have enjoyed incredible growth and success, these architectures have not yet enjoyed anything close to the same success in the traditional data center. Perhaps it’s because these organizations don’t think they need it, or perhaps

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