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Making Object Storage Fit the Enterprise

Object storage should be a compelling alternative to traditional enterprise network attached storage systems. However its adoption is slow. Most enterprises just continue to expand NAS infrastructures despite the fact object storage is a better fit for unstructured data storage

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Storage Architectures for Cloud Hosted Applications

Many organizations are adopting a “cloud-first” methodology. This means the first destination an organization will consider when looking at a home for a new application is whether the cloud is a viable candidate to host that application. If the cloud

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Can a Deep Archive in the Cloud be Useful?

A lot of people worry that a deep archive in the cloud will be about as useful as the boxes in the deepest part of your attic. The data will be stored in an economical way and the cloud vendor

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Webinar: Sizing Up Object Storage for the Enterprise

Object Storage promises many things – unlimited scalability, both in terms of capacity and file count, low cost but highly redundant capacity and excellent connectivity to legacy NAS. But, despite these promises object storage has not caught on in the

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Building a Cloud Storage Toolkit – What Types of Cloud Storage are There?

Cloud storage is a broad term that covers a lot of different storage types. Generally it should be reserved for storage that resides outside of an organization’s data center. Typically your data goes to one of the larger public cloud

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MeetTheCEO: Avere Systems’ Ron Bianchini

Avere’s Ron Bianchini is the CEO on our MeetTheCEO podcast with Storage Swiss’ George Crump and Charlie Hodges. Ron discusses how Avere gives organizations the ability to put an end to the rising cost and complexity of data storage, the

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SlideShare: 4 Ways to Improve NetApp Storage Performance Without Replacing It

Unstructured data is growing rapidly and IT planners are searching for ways to cost effectively store this data. While most unstructured data is inactive, a small portion of it is very active and the applications using that portion demand very

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Is Unstructured Data Breaking your NAS?

Today’s issues with unstructured data is vastly different than the unstructured data problems of the past. While users still play a roll, machines like sensors, cameras and other servers are generating most of the unstructured data we have to deal

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Avere FXT 5000 Series Edge Filer Product Analysis

For quite some time now, organizations have been struggling with increasingly expensive and complex infrastructures as they fight to control and protect the ever-increasing avalanche of unstructured data. At the same time, they need to meet the demands from users

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Flash Strategy 2.0: Optimizing NetApp with Flash and Cloud

For most organizations, databases are the heart of the data center. Not surprisingly, its IT infrastructure revolves around those databases. But there are market segments like Media and Entertainment, Life Sciences, Financial Services and Technology where unstructured data is at

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