Is Unstructured Data Breaking your NAS?

Today’s issues with unstructured data is vastly different than the unstructured data problems of the past. While users still play a roll, machines like sensors, cameras and other servers are generating most of the unstructured data we have to deal with today. The number of files, or objects, they are creating and the varying speeds at which users need to recall them is breaking legacy network attach storage (NAS) systems. These demands are forcing IT planners to look at alternative systems. In this video, Storage Switzerland Founder and Lead Analyst George Crump and Avere Systems’ Chris Boran discuss the nature of the problem that IT faces.

For a full explanation of the challenges that the “new” unstructured data places on legacy architectures please register for our webinar “4 Ways to Replace NetApp Storage Performance Without Replacing It”. We will discuss the challenges facing data centers trying to solve unstructured data problems and provide ways to overcome them without replacing the entire storage infrastructure.

Attendees of the webinar are able to download Storage Switzerland’s white paper, “Flash Strategy 2.0: Optimizing NetApp with Flash and Cloud“.

Watch On Demand

Watch On Demand

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