StorageShort: Object Storage for the Enterprise

Object Storage is more than just a storage system for cloud providers. In the modern enterprise it can be an ideal back-end for the various primary tiers enterprises can install today. Beyond the cost savings object storage provides, there is also a simplification of management, and the leveraging of object storage to eliminate all other forms of secondary storage. The key is to create a connection between object storage and primary storage so data transparently moves between these tiers based on policy or by user access.

In this StorageShort, Storage Switzerland Lead Analyst George Crump and Avere Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing Jeff Tabor discuss the connection of how object storage can be connected to primary storage. For an in-depth discussion about all the ways object storage can benefit enterprise organizations, tune in to our webinar “Sizing Up Object Storage for the Enterprise.”

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One comment on “StorageShort: Object Storage for the Enterprise
  1. Tim Wessels says:

    Well, another important way that object-based storage can be connected to primary storage is to use it as a repository for a data analysis and migration application that routinely examines your primary data stored on NFS and SMB server shares and tiers data that is not being used on primary storage systems to object-based storage.

    The trick is being able to automate this process without adding anything new to the application user’s experience. Nobody wants to train users on how to find their old application data after it is moved to object-based storage. It should appear to users that their data still resides where they go to find it.

    That said if you need to provide a global namespace and file locking for users in multiple sites, you can deploy local NFS, SMB, and FTP gateway caching appliances that are connected to your object-based storage.

    When the use cases for flash in object-based storage become affordable (around $0.15/GB), object-based storage built on flash will reduce the demand for primary data storage systems, especially for unstructured data stored on primary storage systems.

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