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A Hybrid NAS for Unstructured Data

There is a small percentage of unstructured data that needs high performance, potentially even flash based storage but there is a much larger percentage that requires cost effective capacity. Premium NAS systems meet the performance demand of the first type, but there is room for improvement for the second type where cost efficient storage is so important. In this article George Crump, Storage Switzerland’s Lead Analyst discusses the need for a new type of Hybrid NAS, one that integrates disk and tape, instead of disk and flash.

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Break out of the NetApp jail – Podcast

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NetApp is great, but it can get pricey. David Cerf of Crossroads and Storage Switzerland Lead Analyst George Crump talk with me about how you can set your budget free by breaking out of the NetApp capacity jail. Click here to

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ChalkTalk Video – How To Overcome The NetApp Capacity Gap

Join Storage Switzerland’s Lead Analyst George Crump and Crossroads Systems Executive Vice President of Strategy, David Cerf in this ChalkTalk video as they detail the problems with the growing NetApp Environment and how new solutions are coming to market that

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Webinar – Set Your Storage Budget Free – Breaking Out Of NetApp Capacity Jail

Adding capacity to a NetApp NAS system is easy, but “easy” comes at a premium price. Addressing the growth of unstructured data by growing your NetApp systems will lead you to be locked into a never ending stream of additional

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Even if Disk were Free You’d Still Want Tape

The cost of disk capacity has come down dramatically over the last two decades and, thanks to technologies like scale-out NAS and object storage, the ability to manage petabytes of data is certainly a possibility. But the cost to power

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The 3 Problems With Adding Capacity To Your NAS – And How To Solve Them

Disk based Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems have become the workhorse of the data center. These systems are the first responders to the rampant growth of unstructured data facing organizations of all sizes. As a result, these organizations need to

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Unstructured Data Meets Tape Archiving Efficiency

Dealing With the Unstructured Data Deluge in Higher Education Colleges and Universities have many of the same issues with efficiently protecting critical data archives as private corporations but arguably, their challenges are even greater. While IT budgets have typically remained

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How Tape Can Fix The Unstructured Backup Problem

The fastest growing data set in just about every organization today, and typically the largest, is unstructured data. This is data that’s outside of a database; essentially file data, stored on file servers or Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems. The

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