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Does Replication equal DR Readiness?

In our recent webinar, “Flexible HA and DR for Virtual Server and Cloud Environments”, a majority of attendees indicated that replication was their sole method of providing high availability and protecting from disaster. While copying data to a secondary storage

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Podcast – Overcoming the MS-SQL HA Barriers

Users and business line managers demand that their applications are available all of the time. That’s very expensive and complex. To preview their webinar on the barriers to HA are Storage Switzerland’s George Crump and Tony Tomarchio from SIOS. Click on

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How to get Facebook-Like Application Availability

IT organizations are under pressure to deliver an always on experience to their users. In the Facebook and Google era, internal and external customers expect critical business applications to be available at all times. This means that planned or unplanned

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Webinar – Flexible HA and DR for Virtual Server and Cloud Environments

Moving business critical applications, such as Microsoft SQL Server, to virtual server and cloud environments, requires high availability and a solid disaster protection plan. The question often asked — will implementing that protection eliminate the cost savings and configuration flexibility

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The perfect Disk Backup for Virtualized Backups?

Disk Backup Appliance Designed for VMware?
With its support for SSD, the Drobo B1200i could be one of the most viable platforms for supporting random I/O generating changed block backups and data in-place recoveries, the capability to execute a VM directly from the backup target. In this product analysis, StorageSwiss examines the Drobo B1200i to see how it handles the new requirements of VM disk backup and recovery.

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Making Virtual Server Recovery-In-Place Viable

Backup technology for virtualized environments has become increasingly more advanced. Many organizations have implemented backup applications which are specifically designed to efficiently backup data in a virtualized environment without causing any disruption to application performance. In addition, some backup applications,

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Storage Q&A: Is Virtualization Breaking Disk Backup?

Charlie: I recently sat down with Storage Switzerland Lead Analyst and Founder George Crump and Senior Analyst Colm Keegan to talk about one of our recent webinars; “How Server Virtualization is Breaking Disk Backup”. We had a large attendance for

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