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Multi-Cloud DRaaS and Mobility

Zerto Briefing Note IT Professionals are under constant pressure to meet tighter and tighter recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO). While traditional backup has a role to play in meeting these objectives, replication is moving more to

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Build your DRaaS

DRaaS is the future of disaster recovery, but leveraging cloud backup may be an expensive way to implement it. Cloud replication, because it is operating on the working set, keeps cloud storage costs contained. The cloud replication software also enables organizations with an IT ready secondary site to leverage that site and create their own DRaaS. In either case, the organization is in control of when and how recovery happens. DRaaS built on replication also enables organizations to use the replication software to enable other cloud initiatives like bursting and test/dev. In this article Storage Switzerland explores the various methods to go about creating and implementing a DRaaS solution.

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ChalkTalk Video: Infrastructure Agnostic Business Continuity

IT professionals are being flooded with infrastructure options to solve their business continuity challenges. Do they continue to leverage on-premises equipment and the organization’s own disaster recovery facilities, or should they leverage one of the cloud options? Join Storage Switzerland

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ChalkTalk Video: Moving VMware VMs to Hyper-V, AWS or Anywhere

Workload Mobility is a hot subject at VMworld 2015. The ability to move a virtual machine from a VMware environment to Hyper-V, Amazon AWS or a Cloud Service Provider enables businesses of all sizes to cut the cost and complexity

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Briefing Note: Zerto brings Hypervisor-to-Hypervisor Replication

Much to the surprise of VMware, the world is not 100% VMware. Hyper-V is seeing a rapid increase in adoption both in small businesses and for smaller remote offices in enterprises. But small organizations may want to replicate to a

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Set my Applications free – Achieving VM Mobility

Virtualization 1.0 provided an early taste of the value of application mobility by allowing the live migration of virtual machines to alternate hosts. But that mobility was confined to a single hypervisor, and for the most part a single data

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Storage Q&A: Is VM Customizable DR Protection essential?

Data protection is vitally important for your business. But not only do you have to protect your data, you have to have the right data going to the right location at the right time. After a recent video shoot with

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DR is more than recovering data – Podcast

There’s more to data recovery than just getting access to your data. George Crump and I recently got with Jennifer Gill of Zerto to talk about DR in this edition of the Storage Podcast. Click Here To Sign Up For

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The Virtualized Cloud Fabric

Many organizations are deploying multiple hypervisors like VMware, Hyper-V and KVM in an effort to drive down costs. But this can cause infrastructure sprawl, hinder virtualized application mobility and impact the ability of an IT organization to meet SLAs. In

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