The Virtualized Cloud Fabric

Many organizations are deploying multiple hypervisors like VMware, Hyper-V and KVM in an effort to drive down costs. But this can cause infrastructure sprawl, hinder virtualized application mobility and impact the ability of an IT organization to meet SLAs. In this ChalkTalk video, we discuss how organizations can improve resource utilization, lower costs and enhance application service levels while still leveraging disparate hypervisor systems and IT infrastructure platforms.

As we discuss in the video, in order to provide application owners with more choice, in terms of application service levels and their associated costs, IT organizations sometimes build out discrete silos of virtualized application infrastructure. This means there may be multiple hypervisors, storage and networking resources within a private or hybrid cloud environment.

The challenge is that the resources across these silos generally cannot be shared to support key business activities like virtual machine migration. For example, virtual machine workloads in a VMware environment will not be able to seamlessly vMotion to a Hyper-V or KVM infrastructure environment and vice-versa.

In addition to increasing management complexity, this also increases the total cost of ownership of the environment as resources could be underutilized in one silo of virtualized infrastructure while being oversubscribed in another silo of virtualized infrastructure. Additionally, the lack of application mobility across silos could impact business agility and application performance during peak periods of application activity.

The bottom line is that data centers and service providers need technologies which can enable application mobility regardless of the underlying hypervisor operating system and its associated hardware stack. Essentially a solution which enables virtualized applications to migrate across disparate hypervisors within the data center or out across a private or public cloud environment.

As we discuss in the video, Zerto’s Cloud Fabric offering works natively within multiple hypervisor operating systems to enable IT organizations to achieve true infrastructure abstraction, so that they can provide end-users with more choice without compromising SLAs.

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