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Does Flash Eliminate Performance Optimization?

Flash storage is increasingly more affordable, so much so that many organizations are throwing storage infrastructure optimization out the window. Flash is making performance management and tuning a lost art form. The problem is performance management is still very necessary.

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Does All-Flash Eliminate the need for Database Tuning?

Database administrators (DBAs) spend a large portion of their day optimizing databases. Do all-flash arrays eliminate that need? While in most cases, the answer to any IT question is “it depends”, in this instance the answer is an emphatic NO!.

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Are you buying more Cloud Services than you need? – FittedCloud Briefing Note

People erroneously think that you only pay for what you use in the cloud – and that is technically true. What you might not realize is that what you pay for is what you provision and not what you actually

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Empowering the Cloud to Manage Non-Flash Data

An all-flash data center can respond instantly to user requests for information, and it requires less power and less physical floor space. The problem is moving to an all-flash storage infrastructure is expensive. However, it can be an affordable reality

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Webinar: Triple Play Storage Security for High-Value Data

Optimization, compliance, and security come together in a single stack Today’s data-intensive organizations are struggling to confront the rising costs and risks resulting from global growth in information assets, difficulty in complying with new regulations, and the increasing threat of

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Zetta No-Appliance Cloud Backup now supports Full Image Backup

Zetta has been offering a different kind of cloud-based backup since their inception five years ago. Their “direct-to-cloud” backup solution doesn’t use any hardware on-site, just their software which runs on application servers and file servers in the data center.

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Virtualized WAN Acceleration For Hybrid Clouds

The wide area network (WAN) as we know it today is evolving. Over the past decade, many organizations have deployed hardware appliances to help speed up the WAN links between data center sites, as well as between primary data centers

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How Do I Integrate All-Flash into My HDD Data Center?

In our webinar, “Overcoming the RoadBlocks to the All-Flash Data Center”, one of the questions that came up is how to integrate an All-Flash Array into the data center. It’s not our position that you should throw out all your

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