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A Better Convergence for Converged Data Protection?

Converged data protection solutions attempt to manage all backup software and protection storage management operations from a single interface. These solutions also tend to be scale-out, addressing another big backup pain point, scaling and managing the backup repository. The challenge

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What is Open Converged Infrastructure?

Converged infrastructure (CI) and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) are common terms, but open converged infrastructure (OCI) is new. What is it and how is it different from the other architectures? This article will start with an examination of the similarities and

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EMC World 2015 – Simplifying HyperConvergence – VxRack

EMC was one of the first companies to roll out a converged infrastructure when they created VCE, a turnkey solution¬†that combined¬†VMware, CISCO server/networking technology and EMC storage called “vBlock”. VCE and others like it significantly reduced the time it took

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Analyst Blog: Are there Problems with Software Defined Storage?

In a recent article we discussed three potential problems with software defined storage (SDS). When we write these types of articles the goal is to bring to light areas of consideration for IT professionals contemplating taking the SDS plunge. The

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Analyst Blog: Do you have a Private Cloud or Just Virtualized Servers?

IT in companies of all sizes is facing competition from the cloud. Based on a self-service, automated provisioning model, public clouds enjoy efficiencies and economics that few corporate data centers can match today. But internal IT has a distinct advantage,

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Briefing Note: NetApp upgrades EF Arrays to address Performance First Workloads

Flash storage is being used in three areas of the data center infrastructure. First, flash and all-flash arrays are seeing adoption in both server and desktop computing environments, as well as mid-range database applications. Second, for databases that demand extremely

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