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Preparing for Recovery

Most of the time IT spends focusing on disaster recovery planning is actually spent on protection, making sure data is being copied to a secondary storage system and a secondary site either by backup or replication. Some advanced recovery planners

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Podcast: Copy Data Management vs. DR Ready Storage

There are a lot of options available to IT professionals looking to improve their ability to recover from a disaster. One is copy data management, very popular in the press. The other is DR Ready Primary Storage, something that Storage

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Does Recovery and Performance Have to be a Compromise?

The ability to quickly resume operations after a severe disaster is critical for organizations of all sizes. Fortunately, disasters don’t occur every day, in fact they are actually pretty rare. It is their severity that makes organizations plan for them.

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Successful Disaster Recovery? – Trust but Verify

Verifying that you’re ready for a disaster is difficult but not impossible. The three elements of your infrastructure that must be present for a successful recovery from a disaster are compute, network, and storage. Let’s take a look at how

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Are Customers DRaaS Worries Justified?

The result of a survey about disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) during a recent webinar was very illuminating. In my opinion, it suggests most people responding to the survey had not yet actually tried such a service. First, let

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Better RTOs & RPOs in the Cloud?

Is it possible that the public cloud can give data centers what they’ve always needed? Is it possible to have very short RTOs and short RPOs by using someone else’s infrastructure to do the job? This is looking more and

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Webinar: DRaaS Best Practices – 5 Critical Recovery Steps

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offers organizations one of the most viable recovery options available to them in recent years. The ability to have an on-demand recovery site that is pre-seeded with your data should dramatically lower costs and

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Enabling Service Level Data Protection – Dell’s Backup & Disaster Recovery Suite

The standardization of server and desktop virtualization, the uncontrollable growth of unstructured data and the increasing importance of databases are forcing IT planners to face reality and rethink their data protection strategies. While they still need to use enterprise backup

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