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Virtualization made simple with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Across many data center environments, business data and new applications are rapidly proliferating. In large part, server virtualization has contributed to this growth since it removes many of the logistical barriers for bringing new business systems online. And while there

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Designing Highly Scalable Storage for Dense Virtual Machine Environments

We will discuss the testing methodology and scalability results for 4 & 8 node clustered Hitachi NAS Platform 4000 systems yielding 15,000 VMs in real-world enterprise environments. The test establishes linear performance scalability as nodes are added to the cluster,

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Storage Short: How Dense can a VM Environment get?

VM density is something companies are striving for as they work to lower the TCO of their virtualized environments. The question is, how dense can you get; how many VMs can your successfully run on each host? In this Storage

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SlideShare – 5 ways your Backup Design can impact Virtualized Data Protection

Virtualization specific backup applications, like Veeam, are the fastest growing segment of the data protection market, and for good reason. They promise to provide better, faster and more accurate data protection, while almost eliminating application recovery times. But the challenge

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Why a 15,000 VM NAS Test is important to all Users

In a recent test run by HDS and audited by Storage Switzerland, an enterprise NAS system was able to successfully support 15,000 VMs. This is certainly an impressive number, and a performance spec that some larger enterprises may actually need.

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Storage Short: How to support 15,000 VMs on a NAS

Running a high-density virtualization environment on a NAS box is something many companies assume won’t work. But we wanted to try. In this lab test run by HDS and audited by Storage Switzerland, an 8-node Hitachi HNAS system reached over

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ExaGrid delivers Veeam Integrated Disk Backup

Veeam Backup and Replication brings many advanced data protection and recovery features to virtualized environments. And backup appliances have become a popular way to efficiently store, recover and electronically vault virtualized data for disaster recovery (DR) purposes. The challenge is

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Can NAS handle a dense VM Environment?

Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems have traditionally been used for the storing of unstructured data. As these systems have increased in performance and capabilities they are being used more and more for non-traditional NAS workloads, like databases and virtualization. While

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Webinar & Lab Review: Enterprise NAS for Highly Dense VM Environments

Can NAS Scale to Meet the I/O Demand? Can Network Attached Storage (NAS) deliver the performance that a highly dense virtual infrastructure demands? Do you want a better answer than: “We think so”? In this webinar we prove that NAS

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Storage Q&A: with Ron Bianchini, CEO of Avere Systems

Recently we had a very well-attended webinar with the CEO of Avere Systems, Ron Bianchini, “Five Keys To A Successful Hybrid Cloud Storage Strategy”. The following excerpt from the Q & A portion of the webinar discusses how businesses can

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