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Meeting Data Security Demands With Object Storage

Data is the lifeblood of every organization. An organization’s data comprises important information such as customer and financial records, internal processes, marketing tactics and strategies, details of products and/or services that it produces. All of this contributes to an organization’s

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Managing your Cloud’s Lifecycle

One of the most important, recent shifts in enterprise IT operations is the migration of not only ever-increasing amounts of data to the cloud, but also the full complement of business services as IT begins to implement a cloud first

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Getting Data Off a Filer and Living to Tell About It

Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems are primary storage systems, which are ideal for providing very fast access to “hot” (active) data sets that change frequently. Organizations have continuously added capacity to these systems to keep pace with the ever-rising tide

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What is a Cloud Ready Platform?

Once an organization has carefully considered all the various factors, requirements and ramifications of a cloud first strategy and has decided to implement it, they need the means to accomplish the migration of their selected data, applications and processes to

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Curing Storage Blindness

As modern organizations struggle to keep up with the ever-growing data deluge, they have been forced to deploy and overprovision different types of storage in order to meet their Service Level Agreements (SLA), leading to unprecedented storage sprawl. Storage consolidation

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What are the Requirements of a Cloud First Strategy?

A Cloud First Strategy means that as an organization brings new applications or services online, it tries to explore the viability of a cloud deployment prior to deploying within a more traditional architecture. Many organizations today are considering a Cloud

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