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Using the Cloud to Integrate Backup and Archive – HubStor Briefing Note

For decades the best practice for backup and archive was to keep the processes separate. The storage hardware products that support traditional backups are typically very different from those that support archive. The software products are also very different and

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How Do You Improve Your RPO?

There are two ways to improve your recovery point objective (RPO): adjust the objective, and adjust your techniques to accomplish that objective. In addition, technically only the first method changes (i.e. improves) your RPO; the second method help you to

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Solving the Problem that SDS Does not

FormationOne Briefing Note Most data centers are not really out of capacity, they are just out of capacity that they can get to in any meaningful way. Confused? Let me explain. The problem is the capacity is spread across potentially

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How and Why to Protect Against Ransomware

Ransomware is the latest and greatest threat from those wishing to profit from doing harm to data. While it started as a threat to consumer data, it is clearly expanding into a full-on assault against corporate data, which costs companies

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Do you Always Need to Backup?

Typically backup is the copying of data from one type of storage system (e.g. primary storage) into another type of storage system (e.g. backup system) for the purposes of recovery in case the first copy becomes unavailable. This definition works

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What is a Cloud First Strategy

Can a data protection company that first released its products in the pre-cloud era claim to adopt a “cloud first” strategy? The proof would be in the proverbial pudding, of course. If a company developing products for IT is putting

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Analyst Opinion: Backup Terminology Matters

If technology vendors don’t agree on what generic industry terms mean, how in the world are customers supposed to compare similar products? Wait. Maybe that’s the plan. Consider the terms backup, archive, & continuous, for example. The terms backup and

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