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MeetTheCEO: Spectra Logic’s CEO Nathan Thompson

Spectra Logic’s Nathan Thompson is our guest on this MeetTheCEO podcast with Storage Swiss’ George Crump and Charlie Hodges. The team discusses Nathan’s new book “Society’s Genome: Genetic Diversity’s Role in Digital Preservation” and how enterprises can overcome the challenge

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Addressing VDI’s Fork in The Road

Organizations embark on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) projects to drive down end-user operational costs and to enhance infrastructure security. These projects often evaluate well. During “test mode” there are a limited number of users, making it easy to meet their

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Is it Time to Kill the Solid-State Arrays Magic Quadrant

Gartner recently released its 2015 Magic Quadrants for General-Purpose Disk Arrays and another one for Solid-State Arrays. Over the next few weeks we will provide our analysis of these two charts, but first we need to discuss why there are

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Creating an Object Storage System that Bridges the gap to Tape

All data is not equal. It needs to be stored on different types of medium depending on the use case. Even within the archive dataset, all data is not created equal. Just like there are tiers of storage for primary

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Portfolio Analysis: DDN Delivers a Powerful Portfolio for the Data Intensive Enterprise

General Motors and General Electric, both in business for over a century, now employ more IT professionals than most IT vendors. Both companies have described themselves as software firms. At the heart of any IT company is data and most

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Integrating Data Value into Primary Storage

Briefing Note: DataGravity Discovery Series V2 Data is an asset and for many organizations it is more valuable than the hardware on which it resides. Despite its value, few storage systems do anything to help IT professionals understand what is

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ChalkTalk Video: How to Create Highly Dense, Solid Performing Storage Infrastructures

When you are storing petabytes of information, saving pennies a gigabyte can make a big difference. Not only do pennies make a difference for cloud service providers, online application providers and managed service providers but so does density. The ability

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The Hard Disk Autopsy

The Violin Memory Systems “Disk is Dead” campaign says what needed to be said; disk, at least for the production use case, is dead or it least it should be. An autopsy done on the technology will find that it

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StorageShort: The Strength of Disk vs. Flash

It seems that some all-flash vendors are quick to write off hard disk drives (HDD) with some even pronouncing HDDs dead. But disks have a role to play in the data center and even for primary storage. HDDs still have

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Did Flash just kill Disk?

Violin Memory Systems has started a marketing campaign pronouncing the death of hard disk drives. They are quick to qualify that disk is dead in terms of primary storage. Violin even had some cool tombstones made up. I want to agree with

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