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Why would you buy a Storage System without QoS?

QoS (Quality of Service) is a topic that’s becoming more common in storage discussions, partly due to the rise of multi-tenant environments like public clouds. QoS puts management controls on storage resources, especially processing power, so they can maintain performance

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How Storage Vendors Integrate VVols

VVols simplifies the process of setting up and managing storage to support VMs by enabling VMware administrators and users to create specific storage policies. But under the covers VMware leaves the implementation of VVols to the storage array vendor. In

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ChalkTalk Video: Beyond File Sync and Share – Why IT needs a Data Services Platform

Join Storage Switzerland Founder, George Crump, and CTERA’s VP of Marketing Jeff Denworth, in this ChalkTalk video as they discuss how IT can leverage a data services platform to address the needs of the company, moving beyond file sync and

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Defining Software-Defined Storage – what benefits does it deliver?

Software-Defined Storage (SDS) is one of the hottest topics in the IT industry and, as a technology, provides some significant advantages over traditional storage system designs. These advantages translate into substantial benefits that arguably have driven the interest in SDS

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CTERA Enterprise Data Services Platform 5.0

One of IT’s primary jobs is providing services to support employee productivity, things like data access, file sharing and collaboration, which now includes smartphone and tablet support to enable a mobile workforce. These are services that employees need and will

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Briefing Note: How to Tackle Big Data and the Internet of Things

IT companies around the world are looking at analytics as the holy grail for improving a host of business processes, such as cost reduction, manufacturing efficiency, predictive maintenance, design optimization, etc. And those in large, capital-intensive industries are particularly interested,

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Briefing Note: The Cloud is Now as Fast as the SMB

Cloud-based services, like backup and disaster recovery, offer attractive alternatives for many SMBs. They’re simple to set up and operate, can be scaled easily and paid for on a monthly basis. But companies typically have to give something up, usually

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