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The Problems with VMware Snapshots

There are generally three ways we create snapshots in this world: copy-on-write, redirect-on-write, and VMware’s way. As a result, you should delete VMware snapshots as soon as possible – preferably within a few minutes of their creation. A previous post

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ChalkTalk Video: Nimble’s InfoSight – Using Big Data to Solve Virtualization’s Storage Problems

Virtualization is making things tough on storage. Companies are expanding the use of server virtualization from business critical applications to full virtualization of mission critical applications. And they’re increasing VM density, expanding the number of virtual machines supported by each

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Briefing Note: Backup is about Recovery, so is Axcient’s Latest Release

There is an overused saying in the data protection market, “it is all about recovery”. I often debate this phrase since no recovery happens if there are not frequent and quality backups being made. But it is fair to say

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VMware Storage Problems Not Just Performance Related

A discussion about the storage infrastructure supporting virtual servers or virtual desktops almost always starts with a focus on performance. After all, solving the much talked about I/O Blender problem often takes center stage. But according to a poll conducted

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Maximizing Value in VMware Caching

Maximizing the value of a VMware caching solution involves more than developing algorithms to determine the hottest data and figuring out ways to keep that data in the cache. It also means getting the most out of that expensive flash

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