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Understanding The AWS Storage Portfolio – Amazon Briefing Note

Amazon Web Services (AWS) support a large number of use cases, ranging from high transactional applications to analytic processing applications, as well as backup and archiving solutions. As vendors and data centers decide on how they will use Amazon they

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Protecting Against Open S3 Buckets

Almost every week there is another incident of an Amazon S3 storage bucket being left open for anyone to access. These openings allowed data ranging from personal details of wireless customers to 200 million voter records to be exposed for

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Is It Safe to Preserve Data in The Cloud

We are living in the information age, and modern companies rely on their data more than any other time in history. Many companies are leveraging the cloud for preserving this vast ocean of data, but some companies are concerned about

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Do AWS VMs Need to be Backed Up?

I’m amazed at how often the question of backing up virtual machines running within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure comes up. The short answer is, “absolutely!” Thinking that your VMs in AWS do not need backups is a surefire

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Controlling AWS with vCenter – HotLink Briefing Note

Many companies are finding workloads that are much more appropriate for the infinite scalability and cost predictability of the public cloud. They are also finding the public cloud to be an excellent disaster recovery and business continuity resource. The challenges

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HotLink Unifies VMware, Amazon Web Services and NetApp

Most data centers want to use cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) to compliment, not replace their existing data center operations. This may be for augmenting a disaster recovery plan, bursting computation workloads into the cloud to cover peak

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