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How to Improve your Recovery Confidence

Most organizations have very low confidence in their ability to consistently recover data, whether from a minor outage or a major disaster. They’ve been through too many instances where data could not be recovered, took too long to be recovered,

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Webinar: 3 Steps to Stop Data Protection Sprawl

Most enterprises have little confidence in their ability to recover data in the event of a data center failure, storage failure, ransomware attack, or natural disaster. There is too much data to protect and user expectations of rapid recovery are

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Product Analysis – How Rubrik Handles Ransomware Recovery

A ransomware attack puts IT in a battle against the malware author. To the victor goes the data. Every organization needs a prevention strategy. It also must realize that at some point the virus will get through, and at that

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Rubrik Addresses Age Old Backup Problems

The backup and recovery process is complex and brittle. Virtualization has only made the situation worse. To meet the ever increasing demands of their users and application owners IT professionals have been forced to try a never ending parade of

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What is Converged Data Management?

Thanks to recent advancements in software and hardware, data centers have a unique opportunity to make their storage infrastructures more responsive, more cost-effective and easier to manage. For the past few years, primary storage has had this opportunity because of

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Storage Insights for 6 – 19 The Rise Of Secondary Storage

The secondary storage market is bringing in a lot of cash. Companies like Hedvig, Cohesity and Rubrik are getting a lot of investors. George Crump and Charlie Hodges talk about the emerging secondary storage market and why it’s becoming a

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Briefing Note: Is it time to Hyper-converge Backups?

Convergence and hyper-convergence are two concepts that have proven to be very popular with data centers, allowing them to shorten implementation times and in some cases condense the IT stack to simplify operations and support. But these concepts have mostly

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