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Disaster Recovery Workshop: Dealing with New Requirements, Expectations, and Threats

Disaster Recovery (DR) is changing, and DR plans need to change with it. Legislative bodies want companies to not only prove their ability to recover from a disaster, but they have specific guidelines as to how long that effort can

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Solving DR’s Two Biggest Failures – Documentation and Testing with Orchestration

During a disaster, there is a lot that can go wrong, and IT needs to expect the unexpected. In most cases though, it is not the unexpected that causes a disaster recovery (DR) effort to fail. The primary reasons that

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How DR Orchestration Can Improve Success while Lowering Costs

To the organization, all applications are essential, but not all apps are critical. There is a pecking order in terms of what applications need to be back online first. Recovery prioritization is especially crucial during a full-scale disaster where the

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In Search of True DRaaS – Datrium Delivers the DRaaS We Expected

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) burst on the scene about four years ago. However, most DRaaS solutions don’t exactly live up to expectations. Frequently built on backup, these are solutions that try to make recovery act like high availability.

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Why DR Orchestration is a Must Have

Disasters rarely strike at a convenient time, like when recovery polices are all up to date, and when there are plenty of IT staff on hand to deal with any issues that may come up. In most cases, the opposite

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Is Innovation in VMware Backup Dead?

The opening chapter of a white paper, “Cloud-native Data Protection for VMware,” available from Druva is titled “The Current State of VMware Data Protection.” While IT has seen a lot of innovation over the past decade, it seems that the

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Why Self-Protecting Production Storage at the Edge?

Enterprises are relying more and more on edge data centers to collect and process critical data in real time. Increasingly, edge data centers require bare metal-levels of performance – but at the same time, these important data streams must be

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SlideShare: Will Your Backup Architecture Meet Tomorrow’s SLAs? 3 Steps to Make Sure!

Organizations, application owner and users all have much higher expectations of IT than ever before. They expect IT to recover real-time data instantaneously and recall aged data very quickly. These expectations mean that backup architectures are getting stretched at both

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